Diffused Aeration


Diffused Aeration systems will improve water quality, fish habitat, and prevent winter freeze-over.  Diffused air systems are the best choice for deeper bodies of water or where an unobtrusive aerator is preferable.  No mechanical parts of a diffused air system are in direct contact with the water so it can be used year round.  Diffused air systems are also easy to install, easier to maintain and less costly to run than most other aeration options.


Improved Water Quality

As the compressed air is released through the diffuser, water is circulated.  This not only leads to direct oxygen transfer, but also keeps water in constant motion and prevents stratification and stagnation.  By increasing the oxygen levels at the soil water interface beneficial bacteria are able to reduce “muck” and nutrient buildup.  This digestion process occurs more actively in aerobic conditions than anaerobic.  This natural filtration along with constant water circulation aids in the reduction of nutrient cycling.  Last but not least, the elimination of a thermal stratification ensures against turnover.


Fish Habitat Improvement

As the compressed air is released through a diffuser oxygen is added to the system.  The added circulation of water also aids in creating higher oxygen concentrations throughout the entire water column for fish habitat. This increase in oxygen levels opens the entire body of water for aquatic life.  By effective recirculating the water within the aquatic system you are ensuring against a summer or winter fish kills.  Higher oxygen levels also create increased production of fish food organisms.


Reduced Winter Freeze-over

The circulation of warmer water from the deeper sources in the system keeps an open source of water for waterfowl.  This open space also allows for oxygen transfer to the water from the atmosphere. 

NOTE:  If you plan to use the body of water for any winter activities, when do not recommend running a diffused aeration system as the circulation patterns create variations in ice quality.


Installation, Operation and Maintenance

Our Lake Life Guard systems can easily be installed by two people with a boat.  We have several aeration systems available to fit different budgets and needs.  Diffused aeration systems have greater energy efficiency than other aeration options.  Our simple design needs less maintenance and provides greater durability.  Aquatic Control provides installation and service upon request.