April Tips

Well the moment we have all been waiting for is here – WARMER WEATHER!

But as we spring to life and move from the couch to the patio recliner, all vegetation is also springing to life.  We have been receiving many calls this spring from pond owners amazed at the amount of filamentous algae, curlyleaf pondweed, milfoil, and other various plants that have been observed in the water.  Now is the time to take corrective action.  Get the upper hand on these vegetation by treating early and not waiting for them to overwhelm the aquatic landscape.

Contact us today to see what algaecide, herbicide or biological product would be best in your situation.  Put our biologists to the test in providing the aquatic management solutions that you need.

If you would rather take the labor and worry free option, we also provide full service management programs for property owners in our service regions.  Check out the Service Page on our website today.