Fall Clean Up Special

Beachcomber Lake Rake

Retail Price = $212.50

Fall Clean Up Special = $142.38

As we try to enjoy the last few warm days before winter, several clean up projects are on the schedule.  The Beachcomber Lake Rake is an excellent tool for cleaning up shoreline and swimming areas.  The Beachcomber Lake Rake safely and effectively removes aquatic vegetation.  By removing this plant biomass you are reducing the amount of muck that is accumulated over time in your beach or shoreline areas.  It is also effective in cleaning up leaf debris, sticks and other trash without the need to enter the water.  The handle is 5.5 feet long, but a simple toss and retrieval with the rope allows for extended reach from shore.  The rake head is 3 feet wide and the plastic teeth are 7 inches long making for quick clean up even on larger areas.

Take some time this fall to clean up the shoreline area of your aquatic resource.

Fall Clean Up Special ends October 30, 2014.  Don’t delay!