Discolored Water

So we are all happy that summer is here and we can get out to enjoy our ponds and/or lakefront properties.  But we also notice that the water that was so clear when it was too cold to swim, is now warmer but not as clear.  What can be done?  Below are some before and after photos from a pilot project completed at our home office this spring.  This is an Aquashadow Black pond dye application.

 Aquashadow Black Before.After

I do need to point out the fact that the motivation behind this application was to mask some water discoloration caused by turbidity, not microorganisms.  However, the same darkening effect of this application would provide similar results.  In fact, a local pond owner in Seymour stopped in our office with a sample of water from his pond.  He did not like the way his pond water appeared to be muddy and murky.  We ran some lab test to clear the sample but through further discussion realized the cause of the problem was a construction project being done on his neighbor’s property.  So no need to clear the water now, we would need to wait until the project was complete.  As with any pond owner this was not the best news.  He wanted a nice looking pond now.  I walked this customer outside and showed him the pond in the pictures above and mentioned that he could try this same approach.  He is very satisfied with the results and is happy we talked.  So maybe a picture isn’t worth a thousand words, but it does help visualize the product claims made by Aquashadow Black.

  • Beautifies murky, cloudy or off-colored water with a relective dark tint
  • Tints water a pleasing dark color for a more natural look
  • Mirror-like appearance