Don’t Give Up


Regardless of age we have all faced challenges in life that have seemed impossible but hopefully you received encouragement to continue on the path towards success.  Pond management can seem like one of life’s impossible tasks from time to time.  However, we must stay the course in maintaining and managing the resources under our control to the best of our ability.


By continuing to manage your pond or lake front access from one year to the next, you will gain the upper hand.  You will learn when and how to apply products for best control or results.  You will be able to see the fruits of your labors in cleaner water and better aesthetic appeal.  As in life, if you procrastinate, you will struggle to catch up with the relentless force of mother nature.  Some things in life are certain – your pond will continue to have water, nutrients and sunlight.  This in turn means vegetation will grow.


So as we hit the middle of summer, stay the course.  Keep managing your aquatic vegetation growth.  Your efforts today will help you in the future even if you don’t see their immediate impact.  Together we can do it.