Filamentous algae can be found in nearly every aquatic site including ponds, lakes, wetlands, and other areas containing water.  Filamentous algae does provide some natural look to a pond and shelter for small insects and fish, but left uncontrolled can become nuisance.  What options are available for control?

Filamentous Algae Management - There are several different aquatic algaecides registered for use in controlling algae growth.  The choice of material to use depends somewhat on the user's preference, the amount of growth to be controlled and the type of algae present.  Filamentous algae management involves multiple applications to maintain algae control during the season.  Best results will be observed when young actively growing filamentous algae is treated.  Other managment options to help reduce the development of algae would include: the use of Aquashade, adding aeration to the body of water and the use of bacteria or enzyme products to reduce the availabe nutrients for algae growth.  For floating algae mats choose a liquid algaecide that can be diluted and applied to these floating mats.  For bottom growing algae mats choose a granular formulation and broadcast evenly in the areas where mats are present.