Floating fountains should be removed from the water in areas that experience freezing conditions.  Aquatic Control can provide you with a Fountain Winter Maintenance Program to help take the headache out of winterizing your unit.  The program includes:

- Removal of the fountain from your lake in the fall

- Cleaning and visual inspection

- Oil and seals changed as prescribed by the manufacturer

- Quotations will be sent for any additional repairs necessary, along with any light bulb  

      replacement that may be needed.

- Storage in our heated warehouse

- Installation and unit startup in the spring. 


Those of you that have been taking advantage of the Winter Maintenance Program will be receiving your proposals in the mail any day now.  Please sign and return the proposal to our office if you would like to take advantage of this service.  If you are a new fountain owner or one that is tired of wrestling with fountains every fall please call our office for your 2013-2014 proposal.  Let our factory trained technicians keep your fountain in top working order for years to come.