June – Is it June already?


With the cooler temperatures, some pond owners have experienced vegetation growth relief from time to time.  The filamentous algae has come and gone with sun followed by heavy rain.  Now, some people are starting to see larger outbreaks and the need for management action.  We have highlighted several options for management in previous blogs.  So please feel free to review the previous blogs posted on our website for more details.  For this blog we are going to point out the need to get started if you have not already.


If you want to have your pond in better shape for the 4th of July, we need to get started now.  Keep in mind that you might have to treat large infestations in smaller subsections.  This is the reason for getting started now.  It will take 4-6 weeks to get the upper hand again and we better start now.  You do not want to wait any longer or we will miss the entire summer of 2013 trying to gain control of a situation that we let get too far ahead in the beginning.

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