Planktonic Algae Blooms

Well we spent several weeks discussing algae control this spring with the focus being on filamentous algae control.  As the season progresses sometimes a ponds vegetation problem will shift from filamentous algae to planktonic algae.  We have received several phone calls this week concerning this situation – my pond water has turned green.


The green color is a result of higher than normal green algae cell counts.  This situation is commonly referred to as a bloom.  Under optimal growing conditions, generally warmer water temperatures and extended sunlight per, green algae populations thrive.  These problems can remain in place for several weeks or may go away with a decline in air or water temperatures.


Let us know if we can help you manage a similar situation for you in your pond.

 planktonic algae                               

Planktonic Algae


 Filamentous Algae