Are These Products Safe?


All the products sold by Aquatic Control are either registered by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) or exempted from registration.  The following is taken from the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s website – 

Registering Pesticides

Pesticide registration is the process through which EPA examines the ingredients of a pesticide; the site or crop on which it is to be used; the amount, frequency and timing of its use; and storage and disposal practices. EPA evaluates the pesticide to ensure that it will not have unreasonable adverse effects on humans, the environment and non-target species. Pesticides must be registered or exempted by EPA's Office of Pesticide Programs before they may be sold or distributed in the U.S. Once registered, a pesticide may not legally be used unless the use is consistent with the approved directions for use on the pesticide's label or labeling.

Key information to note on a product label: 

  1. EPA Registration Number - This number is on the front of most product containers. 
  2. Use sites -  This is a brief list or paragraph of text defining the places that a product can be applied.
  3. Dosage Rates - Each product will list the amount of product that can be applied to a system and most also list a specific rate based on the target species.
  4. Limits on how much vegetation should be treated during the application
  5. Personal Protection Equipment
  6. Container disposal 


By using products registered (or exempt from registration) for use in aquatics, you are ensured safety for fish and other aquatic life in the system if you read and follow the specimen label.  This allows you to manage the aesthetics or your system without harming wildlife or yourself.  As always read and follow the product label to ensure this level of safety and avoid any negative effects of product usage.