Managing Pondweeds

As I prepare to post this blog, I challenged myself to develop another topic relevant to managing ponds this spring besides filamentous algae even though most of my phone calls continue to involve this management challenge.  So I grabbed my notepad and read over some phone conversation notes.  Looks like several people are also battling some pondweed problems this spring.


Pondweeds are submersed plants that grow vertically in the water column, rooted to the bottom of the pond.  Several species of pondweeds were identified by name from customers like:  small pondweed, American pondweed, horned pondweed.  We have several options for controlling pondweed species in water bodies.  We have some liquid herbicides that would be diluted with water in a garden sprayer and applied to the surface of the pond where you want to establish control.  We also have some granular herbicides.  These products would be applied from shore, and broadcast evenly over the treatment area. These products are also very effective in spot treatment applications where you might be managing your shoreline area on a larger body of water.


Managing pondweeds and other submersed vegetation in a pond can be easy compared to a management plan for filamentous algae control.  Most bodies of water might only need to be treated once or twice a season to achieve the level of control you would like from a swimming, fishing or aesthetic management goal.


The most important step in proper control begins with proper identification.  We are available for help with plant identification.  Simply click on this link for access to our Do-It-Yourself pond management form.  Print off this sheet and follow the sampling guidelines on the form.  We will contact you will your best management plan based on the data on this form and the identification of the plant species in your sample.