High Temperatures – Be Careful


I am sure by now that you have heard someone on the radio or television report warnings associated with the heat index in your area.  Not only does high temperature pose a risk to humans, livestock and domestic animals – but have you ever considered the health of the fish in your pond?


Higher water temperatures limit the amount of oxygen that can be dissolved in water.  Dissolved oxygen is one of the most important water quality parameters associated with fish health and other aquatic organisms.  Oxygen is dissolved (created) in water from two primary sources – the atmosphere and aquatic vegetation.  When sunlight is present this vegetation is performing photosynthesis releasing oxygen into the water.  At night or on cloudy days, this vegetation removes oxygen from the water for respiration.  So understanding this relationship between vegetation growth and dissolved oxygen, we can move forward with the focus of this blog.


BE CAREFUL managing lakes and ponds under these conditions.  It is easy to get frustrated with the appearance of your pond if you have not worked to stay ahead of the vegetation growth.  But don’t react by treating large areas of vegetation and creating a worse problem.  Take the time to develop a management plan, evaluate the risk associated with no action versus management action, and move forward on the path with the lowest risk. 


Also, learn from mistakes.  If your pond developed a problem this year, chances are it will again next year if you were not able to control it. Keep your notes handy and initiate action later this fall or for sure be prepared to react sooner next spring or summer.