This Weeks Plant ID


If you have questioned why we continue to emphasize the importance in identifying your problem vegetation, please continue to read this blog.


I got a phone call from a lady in Georgia who called to discuss a problem in her lake.  She had done her homework and contacted a local University Professor who came out and identified the plant in her lake.  She gave me the name of the plant and my mind drew a blank.  I had never heard this plant name and knew I was going to struggle in communicating with a customer on the phone how to manage a plant species that I had never heard about.  I began by asking a few questions about the characteristics of the plant hoping to draw a plant name that would bridge this plant id name gap.  We went through several possibilities even surfing the web together reviewing pictures on line, but nothing - - we could not find a picture of a plant by this name that even came close to the appearance of the plant she had in her lake.  I finally suggested to her that she send me a picture of the problem vegetation via email and I would consult with some colleagues to aid in moving this project along a path of correction.


In the end, I was able to gather information that confirmed the plant id and also gave me information to pass along to this individual offering management options.


So, even I learned a new plant this week and continue to learn more and more about pond and lake management each week.