How do I know what to buy for my pond?


I have gotten a few emails recently asking what product to purchase.  I always find myself responding to this question with a string of questions of my own.  What plant do you need to control?  What is the size of the pond?  Is this a spot/shoreline treatment on a larger water body?  What are water uses on this system?


So this takes us back to the ending of the previous blog.  Sorry for the repeat, but I honestly want our customers to know the importance of this step – proper plant identification.  Our number one goal is to ensure successful pond management.  This begins with knowing your target plant(s) and then taking other management consideration into account in developing the best management plan.


The first step in developing any management plan is to identify the type(s) of vegetation causing the problem.  Next is to calculate the size of the aquatic system?  Now factor in the answers to the other questions and we can establish a few products your management needs.  We can help identify your target plants by email or from a plant sample.  Feel free to email us photos of the problem vegetation in your pond.  Simple snap a few pond photos, collect a small sample of the target plant and place it in a container of water and take a close up photo.  Most of the time we are able to get an id for you this way.


Proper identification leads to proper management of the problem.